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Our Ordination Hall project has passed the initial milestones i.e. the architectural and engineering design stages and the Development Approval with our local government authority. The most recent milestone, the engineering earthworks, of the site on which the building will be constructed, have now been completed. The next stage of the project will be the construction of site infrastructure and the ordination hall building. We are now asking for your generosity, in support of this phase of the project.

Your merit making donation of any amount will be greatly appreciated.  This project has been granted deductible gift recipient status by the Australian Taxation Office. All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible for Australian Taxpayers.

The security of your information is valuable to us and all donations by credit or debit card are securely processed using high level data encryption.


We offer our blessings and grateful thanks for your generosity and support.

In Appreciation – Well Done        Anumodana - Sathu

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