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Questions Answered

Q: What is Wat Thai Buddharam?

A: Wat Thai Buddharam is a Buddhist monastery and temple, in the Theravada tradition. We are located at Forestdale, which is a suburb of Logan City, in the Australian State of Queensland. Forestdale is located in the urban area known as Greater Brisbane.

Q: How long has Wat Thai Buddharam existed?

A: Wat Thai Buddharam was founded in 1988, by the Most Venerable Phra Thammakhunaphon (secular name Luangpo Phaibun), a senior ranking Thai monk from Kanchanaburi province in Thailand. Wat Thai Buddharam’s first property was purchased in 1988, but later resumed for the construction of a freeway. Our present site was acquired in 1995. A more detailed history is available under the “History” link on this website.

Q: Is Wat Thai Buddharam stand alone or part of a larger organisation?

A: Wat Thai Buddharam is a member of Buddhist Council of Queensland, which in turn is affiliated with the Federation of Australian Buddhist Councils. Our temple is also affiliated with Wat Chaichumpolchanasongkram, located in the Thai province of Kanchanaburi. The ecclesiastical governor of Kanchanaburi, Phra Sophonkanchanaporn Tongproh oversees our temple’s operations.

Q: What are the activities of Wat Thai Buddharam?

A: Wat Thai Buddharam has an outreach for all people who are either Buddhist or interested in learning more about Buddhism. Everybody is welcome, regardless of faith, race or nationality. Our activities include meditation and meditation retreats, celebration of events on the Buddhist calendar, daily luncheon ceremonies, spiritual and emotional support, visitation of the sick and injured, support of the elderly, blessing of marriages and relationships and funeral and remembrance ceremonies.

Q: Are your activities only related to Buddhism?

A: No, we support our local community of Forestdale and also local community groups; for example, The Forestdale Neighbourhood Watch group regularly holds their meetings at our temple.

Q: What is your legal status?

A: We are an Incorporated Association, registered by the Office of Fair Trading, which is part of the Department of Justice & Attorney-General, a Queensland State government department. We are also registered as a charitable institution by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission, which is an Australian Federal Government organisation.

Q: What is the taxation status of your Ordination Hall Project?

A: The building fund for the Ordination Hall Project has been granted “Deductible Gift Recipient Status”, by the Australian Taxation Office. This means that all donations to the project of $2 or greater, may be claimed as a legitimate tax deduction by Australian taxpayers.

Q: Do you have an Australia Business Number (ABN).

A: All Australian businesses and organisations, including charities and incorporated associations are required to register with the Australian Taxation Office and obtain an Australian Business Number. Ours is 42 097 542 719.

Q: Why is it necessary to have an Ordination Hall?

A: A fully functional Buddhist monastery requires an Ordination Hall, in order to undertake the high level ordination ceremony for monks and for the Kathina (Robe Offering) Ceremony, which takes place at the conclusion of Vassa (Buddhist Lent or the Rains Retreat).

Q: Does this mean that Wat Thai Buddharam is not able to ordain monks at our monastery?

A: Correct. We are currently only able to conduct ceremonies on site for the ordination of novices.

Q: How can I assist in Building an Ordination Hall?

A: You can assist with a merit making donation to the Wat Thai Building Fund. This can be done with a once only donation or by pledging to make a regular monthly donation. Both types of donations will be gratefully received. A pledge to regularly donate assists us to more accurately plan and manage the construction budget for the Ordination Hall.

Q: Will my financial data be safe.

A: Your financial information will be handled securely and confidentially. All financial transactions will be managed by the Australian banking system.